While the Board of Directors handle the administrative decisions and operations, we need a large team of volunteer coordinators and other staff who help round out the team in specialized areas, and keep operations and event running smoothly. This is a list of all of the positions, any openings, who currently holds positions and how to contact them.


Think you’ll be perfect for one of these positions? If you are interested in filling a vacant position, please reach out to the Board of Directors at Board@ThresholdLA.org or fill out the volunteer form. Remember that these positions can mean a lot of work, but your dedication can be VERY rewarding.

Bootblack Coordinator

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Bootblack coordinator is in charge of finding experienced and qualified bootblacks to offer their services at events in an official capacity, in which they can receive tips. They manage setting a shift schedule for bootblacks.


Calendar Coordinator

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Calendar coordinator manages the public-facing event calendar on the website and in the clubhouse, making sure events and their descriptions are up to date. They also maintain the internal staff calendar.


Design Coordinator

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Design coordinator is the lead of graphic arts aspects of the club: signs posted around the clubhouse, posters for events, social media graphics, and the like. Could also include things like website appearance, logos, fonts, symbols, and the like.


DEI Coordinator

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DEI coordinator facilitates the discussions and meetings of the DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) team, who then sends ideas to the board to make Threshold an inclusive, diverse, equitable, and accessible space!


Doorkeeper Coordinator

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Doorkeeper coordinator is in charge of finding doorkeepers, training them, and creating shift schedules for them.


Dungeon Monitor Coordinator

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Dungeon Monitor coordinator is in charge of finding and vetting DMs, training them, and creating shift schedules for them.


Education Coordinator

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Education coordinator finds instructors for teaching classes at Threshold and working on scheduling such classes, especially those associated with similarly-themed parties.


Facilities Coordinator

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Facilities coordinator is in charge of managing physical aspects of the club, such as furniture maintenance, plumbing, electrical, flooring, and cleanliness. Generally, this coordinator runs upkeep. By “managing” it is not necessary to know how to fix everything, but should be able to take stock of things that need fixing and outsource them accordingly.


First Aid/CPR Coordinator

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First Aid/CPR coordinator runs first aid trainings for volunteers, primarily dungeon monitors, and checks and maintains first aid equipment throughout the clubhouse.


IT Coordinator

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IT coordinator is in charge of the integration of back-end systems for Threshold.


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Librarian manages the library of kink books we maintain, upholding kink history for posterity.


Member Liaison

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Member liaison helps draft important internal announcements to members for sharing across all member platforms. This includes election notices, bylaw awareness descriptions, polls, etc.


Membership Coordinator

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Membership coordinator manages the member database, maintaining members’ secure and private identifying information as well as membership names and numbers. They lead orientations to welcome new members.


Newsletter Coordinator

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Manage and oversee the content produced for publications or websites. This includes reviewing all content produced, such as articles and photographs, developing strategies and style guidelines, and representing the brand at social events throughout the year.


Outreach Liaison

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Outreach liaison works on fostering partnerships with other organizations in the kink world and beyond. They would work with the education, party host, and vendor coordinators in lots of cases.


Party Host Coordinator

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Party host coordinator manages the party hosts for all of the parties of Threshold, including scheduling parties, gathering requests for new party themes from the community, and training new party hosts.


Publicity Coordinator

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Publicity coordinator works in conjunction with the board and social media managers to create and implement promotional content. This entails drafting event notifications and posting them regularly as well as designing brochures, flyers, and the like.


Sergeant at Arms

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Sergeant at arms enforces Robert’s Rules of Order at all monthly Meetings of Members to ensure a smooth flow of proceedings while granting members space to voice their thoughts.

Vendor Coordinator

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Vendor coordinator is in charge of reaching out to vendors for selling at certain events, matching communities to the makers of their favorite toys and gear.


Volunteer Coordinator

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Volunteer coordinator is mainly responsible for recruiting and managing volunteers for our organization. In addition, they delegate responsibilities to volunteers and are responsible for training selected people for their future position, depending on the position.



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Webmaster manages web pages, sites and applications. They coordinate the design, development, deployment and maintenance of a company’s online presence. They are responsible for web developers and graphic artists that work in their department. They oversee all aspects of creating a website.