Threshold is proud to present a wide variety of monthly parties. Some are open to the public, while others are exlcuisvely for members & their guests. 


Covering a variety of topics, our classes are tailored for both the newcomer beginning their BDSM journey, as well the seasoned player with years of experience in the scene who wish to hone their skills.

Support Groups

Threshold opens our space for support groups in the community; all are open to both members and non-members.


Come socialize with your fellow kinksters. If you’re new to the BDSM scene, this is a perfect place to “Cross the Threshold.”

RSVPs are appreciated, but not necessary. Feel free to drop in & join us. 

Threshold’s events repeat on a set schedule with rare exception
Depending on the month, some events will not be on a weekend together as they normally would. For instance: If the 1st of a month is a Saturday, the 10 before 10 on the 1st Friday would take place later in the month after events it is normally before.

1st Week

  • Threshold’s Munch: 1st Monday
  • Freestyle: 1st Friday
  • SILK LA: 1st Saturday
  • 1st In-Person Orientation: 1st Sunday
  • Monthly Meeting of Members: 1st Sunday

2nd Week

  • Online Zoom Orientation: 2nd Wednesday
  • Pride: 2nd Friday
    • Additional Covid Requirements
  • SoCal Creatures: 2nd Saturday
    • Additional Covid Requirements
  • Restrained: 2nd Saturday
  • MAsT North Hollywood: 2nd Sunday

3rd Week

  • Freestyle Early Edition: 3rd Friday
  • Upkeep: 3rd Saturday
  • 2nd In-Person Orientation: 3rd Saturday
  • The [Theme] Party: 3rd Saturday
  • SOAP (Social of Age Players): 3rd Sunday
  • Nerdageddon: 3rd Sunday
    • Additional Covid Requirements

4th Week

  • Online Discord Orientation: Monday the week of Taboo
    • this one is weird; it could be 3rd or 4th Monday
  • Nerdgasm: 4th Wednesday
    • Additional Covid Requirements
  • Taboo: 4th Friday
  • DommeNation College: 4th Saturday
  • DommeNation Play Party: 4th Saturday
  • RiTL: 4th Sunday
  • Bound: 4th Sunday
    • Additional Covid Requirement
The Threshold Society
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