Threshold is proud to present a wide variety of monthly parties. Membership is required to purchase tickets and non-members may only come as guests.


Covering a variety of topics, for both the newcomer and the seasoned player. Membership is required to purchase tickets and non-members may only come as guests.

Support Groups

Threshold opens our space for support groups in the community: they are open to both members and non-members.


Come socialize with your fellow kinksters. If you’re new to the BDSM scene, this is a perfect place to cross the threshold

Feel free to drop in & join us during these open house events.

Threshold’s events repeat on a regular schedule with occasional exceptions; please check the calendar for further details
Depending on the month, some events will not be on the same weekend together
    • For instance: If the 1st of a month is a Saturday, the Freestyle on the 1st Friday would take place later in the month after events it is often before

1st Week

  • Threshold’s Munch: 1st Monday
  • Freestyle: 1st Friday
  • SILK LA & Bears vs Bees: 1st Saturday (alternating months)
  • 1st In-Person Orientation: 1st Sunday
  • Monthly Meeting of Members: 1st Sunday

2nd Week

  • Pride: 2nd Friday
    • Additional Covid Requirements
  • SoCal Creatures: 2nd Saturday
    • Additional Covid Requirements
  • Restrained: 2nd Saturday
  • MAsT North Hollywood: 2nd Sunday

3rd Week

  • Freestyle Early Edition: 3rd Friday
  • Upkeep: 3rd Saturday
  • 2nd In-Person Orientation: 3rd Saturday
  • The [Theme] Party: 3rd Saturday
  • SOAP (Social of Age Players): 3rd Sunday
  • Nerdageddon: 3rd Sunday
    • Additional Covid Requirements

4th Week

  • Online Discord Orientation: Monday the week of Taboo
    • 3rd or 4th Monday
  • Nerdgasm: 4th Wednesday
    • Additional Covid Requirements
  • Taboo: 4th Friday
  • DommeNation College: 4th Saturday
  • DommeNation Play Party: 4th Saturday
  • RiTL: 4th Sunday
  • Bound: 4th Sunday
    • Additional Covid Requirement
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