The Board of Directors

The Threshold Society’s Board of Director are responsible for our day to day operations, they oversee all of the volunteer chair people, and handle all of the more technical administrative & operational needs of our organization. This is a list of all of the board members, their bios and their positions.



Chief Executive Officer (CEO) [Vacant]

You can contact Board as a whole at



Mx. FFix, Chief Operating Office (COO)

You can contact Mx. FFix at



Imperatrix Nox, Chief Financial Officer (CFO)


Imperatrix_Nox is a Lifestyle Domme who has been active in the lifestyle nearly 20 years. Imperatrix is a community educator, group leader, and organizer. She started with Threshold as a Doorkeeper in 2018, and then took over as the Doorkeeper Chair. She served as an interim Treasurer and was appointed as an Ex-Officio board member in 2020. Imperatrix is an active member and supporter of the Los Angeles and Orlando fetish communities ad has served as staff trainer and manager of an Orlando area dungeon.

You can contact Imperatrix Nox at



Blue, Corporate Governance Officer (CGO)

You can contact Blue at




VikingDom, Recording Secretary


VikingDom has been in the kink community since 2000. VikingDom first came  to Threshold in 2010 and then began serving Threshold in 2018 as a Dungeon Monitor, educator, then as our First Aid chair, Doorkeeper, Party Host, as well as our Hospitality Chair. VikingDom has been active with and assisted several clubs in the Orlando area as a staff member and DM. 

You can contact VikingDom at



Apollo, Ex-Officio Board Member
Chief Ethics Officer


Apollo is new to the Los Angeles area and comes to Threshold with an open attitude and a winning smile. Never one to not say hello to a stranger, he dove in with both feet to help Threshold continue their success in their mission of transparency and reporting.

You can contact Apollo at



Deliri, Ex-Officio Board Member
Membership Coordinator


Deliri, but often goes by Del instead. Formally of the nom de guerre Gangrene when he had green hair, but he grew galled by the transfiguration into Jiji. A silly asymmetrical switch with a decade of experience in the scene. his tendencies slant to the electric: in the play sense with violet wands and the volunteer sense with technology.

You can contact Del at


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