Volunteering to work events at Threshold is a great way to get involved at Threshold as well as the local BDSM/Kink community. These positions are a valuable part of operations, and we are always looking for members who want to lend a hand by working our events. volunteering at Threshold can be a very rewarding experience in it’s a great way to make friends and meet new people well as the potential of earning event passes for free admission to an event of your choosing.

Openings Available:


Do you have experience with working a register? Are you comfortable multitasking while greeting people as they come into the space? This may be a great spot for you! If you are a newer member this is also a great way to meet longtime members as they come back as well those who are brand new to the space. (Training is Mandatory)

Responsibilities include:

  • Being punctual when assigned a door shift
  • Maintaining the door sheet to track admission
  • Keeping a balanced cash drawer
  • Checking proof-of-age identification (ex. driver’s license, passport), vaccination card, membership card
  • Ability to help patrons complete forms
  • Gauging intoxication & inebriation
  • Refusing admittance to intoxicated or inebriated individuals
  • Problem solving and assisting patrons at the door
Dungeon Monitor
Threshold believes in maintaining a safe and consensual environment. We train our Dungeon Monitors to observe and keep the many different scenes that happen in our space safe.
Responsibilities include:
  • Experience in the bdsm/kinky life style. 
  • Being able to observe scenes from a distance. 
  • Check people into the various areas around threshold
  • Step into and stop scenes that are breaking Thresholds rules
  • Be trained and certified in CPR and emergency response (threshold provided)
 Party Host

Responsibilities will be updated soon


Do you want to Volunteer for any of these duties? Please fill out the volunteer form and get in touch with us, we look forward to hearing from you!