Welcome to Nerdgasm!

Ever wanted to pervify (yeah, that’s a word now) your favorite game? Strip Cards Against Humanity, Naked D&D, Truth or Dare with an edge, In-game wagers collected on the spot? Your play is only limited by your creativity.

Nerdgasm is the ultimate mid-week gaming and geeky play party. Bring your toy bag, and all of your gaming supplies, because at this party you can do it all. Threshold’s main room will be transformed, as all the dungeon equipment is shoved aside to make room for board games, card games and whatever tabletop games you feel like bringing. The smaller, private rooms will be available for traditional play scenes, or seriously geeky play scenes, or whatever nerdy perversions, within the rules, you can cook up.

Like our monthly GeekMunch, Nerdgasm is the perfect place for the socially awkward to hook up and meet their local community, only at Nerdgasm you can actually play more physically as well. Just come to game and maybe watch a scene or two, or just come to do a scene and not play a single game. It’s a win/win. Not that you need to have social anxiety to enjoy one of our events, just respect the nerdy groove.

Important Party Information:

You can do light contained play in the main room at the corner crosses, but gaming is the priority in the main room and there will be loud talking and laughing, So please give us geeks and nerds our space to game!

  • The smaller themed rooms are dedicated to play just like any normal party.
  • the suspension rings will not be available as the main room will be set up for gaming.

We seek to provide a welcoming space for all and encourage people to speak out or alert an organizer if we fail to live up to these ideals.

Attendees are encouraged to ask for others pronouns rather than assuming. Also, this is a consent-positive space where we only touch others with their explicit permission. 

Admission Cost

$15 for members
$25 for non-members.

Adults 18+ Only


2nd Wednesday of the month
7:00pm to 12:00am (Check Calendar)

Additional Information

Doors close at 10:00pm, or when our maximum capacity of 90 people is reached, there will be no admittance thereafter. All play, including aftercare, must end 15 minutes before the party’s closing. Please arrive early to ensure admittance.

  • This is a COMMUNITY event.
  • LGBTQIA+ friendly
  • All gender identities, sexual orientations, ages, races, religions, ethnicities & roles are welcome.
  • We are service animal friendly.
  • Members need only show club ID.
  • Non-Members must bring proof-of-age ID in the form of a driver’s license or passport.
  • Non-Members must sign liability release forms.

No Drugs, Alcohol or Intoxication

Threshold prohibits the use of alcohol, illegal and/or illicit drugs at any of its functions. Threshold also prohibits the use of legal marijuana, medicinal or recreational. Intoxication is not tolerated. If you appear to be inebriated, you will be likely be approached by a DM for your own safety and the safety of others. The DM’s word is the last word on this issue, and members that appear inebriated may be asked to leave.

Please take a look at our Rules & Etiquette for more information when attending our events.

About our Facilities

Threshold is equipped with a lounge area, bathrooms, lockers, kitchen, 7 themed rooms, our large main room with multiple play areas& a renovated state-of-the-art lighting setup.

Soda & water are available with a $1.00 donation. Help us reduce our carbon footprint by bringing your own reusable liquid container. 


Our Location

The Threshold Society, Inc.
11300 Hartland St,
North Hollywood,
Los Angeles, CA 91605