Welcome to DommeNation

Unleash your inner desires and submit to a night of passion led by women. Take a journey into an evening of play, education, and socializing where Women are revered for being the magnificent creatures they are…..and they are always in control.

All orientations and genders are welcome (we love diversity at Threshold), but all scenes -MUST- be Woman-led. From 9 pm to 2 am, experience the energy of Women and their flavor of Dominance hosted by The Threshold Society. This is a chance to live out your fantasies in the safety and comfort of our splendid club!

Threshold is proud to host this awesome event where Women express their Dominance openly, because some Women were not meant to be tamed.

Note: There is to be no topping by those who identify as men.

Admission Cost

$15 for members
$25 for non-members.

Adults 18+ Only


4th Saturday of the month
9:00pm to 2:00am (Check Calendar)

Additional Information

Doors close at 12:00am, or when our maximum capacity of 90 people is reached, there will be no admittance thereafter. All play, including aftercare, must end 15 minutes before the party’s closing. Please arrive early to ensure admittance.

  • This is a COMMUNITY event.
  • Members need only show club ID.
  • Non-Members must bring proof-of-age ID in the form of a driver’s license or passport.
  • Non-Members must sign liability release forms.

No Intoxication

Recreational and illicit drugs are never permitted at any Threshold event. Alcohol, as well as marijuana, whether it is medicinal or recreational, are not allowed in our club; you cannot give full embodied consent while under the influence. Attendees will be denied entrance if they appear intoxicate and if a person appears to be or becomes intoxicated after entering, they will be asked to not engage in play activities at minimum, or be asked to leave altogether, at the Dungeon Monitor’s discretion. If you see any intoxicant use, please inform the Dungeon Monitor or Staff.

About our Facilities

Threshold is equipped with 7 themed rooms, a large main room with multiple play areas, a lounge area, 3 single-occupancy bathrooms, lockers, kitchen, and a quiet aftercare room.

Our Location

The Threshold Society, Inc.
11300 Hartland St,
North Hollywood,
Los Angeles, CA 91605