Munches are social events, usually held at a public venue such as a restaurant. These social gatherings provides a neutral setting to meet other like-minded individuals who are curious about BDSM. Munches are a great way to become more comfortable in a social setting, without any pressure to ‘fit in’ at a BDSM event.

Threshold’s Munch

This is just like a munch just not hosted at a restaurant. We thought that we have an amazing clubhouse why not utilize it for a French Vanilla setting.


Socializing while sprucing up our home
To continue to provide a clean and well operating space for everyone, we dedicate a few hours each month to train our volunteers for leadership and monthly roles, check the integrity & safety of our play equipment, do a deep clean of the space to provide a sanitary place to play, and perform any special projects to improve on the experience of all those who visit.