• Consensuality Yes means Yes: ‘Maybe’, ‘Later’, and ‘Possibly’ or other ambiguous answers do not mean yes. No means No. No one is ever forced to do anything they do not CONSENT to do. Asking repeatedly hoping for a different answer is coercion. Consent can be withdrawn at any time, and is not limited to only kink or sexual activities.

    • Confidentiality— While Threshold as an organization is known in the BDSM Community, the identities of our membership are held in the strictest confidence. Do not speak for or as for Threshold (unless you want to apply as a volunteer!) Be mindful in public — get permission before addressing other kinksters in public; they may not be ‘out’. Confidentiality also applies to sharing personal information about one person with another (i.e. asking someone to give you someone else’s phone number, email address, or social media profiles). Do not discuss specific club business or name members of the club in public, be it physically or online. If we ever need to contact you by physical mail (with your consent, of course), you will receive all correspondence in a plain, nondescript envelope.

    • No Cameras or Recording Devices or Cell Phones— No recording devices of any kind are permitted to be used at Threshold events, without prior approval. Cell phones may not be used and must be completely covered and out of sight at all times during Threshold events; this includes texting and the use of bluetooth. Please keep phones on silent or turn them off when inside to avoid disturbing scenes in progress. If you need to make or receive calls or texts, please step outside past the Main Room’s door before taking out your phone.


    • At special events, a photo area may be set up to get photos taken.
    • Under the supervision of a Dungeon Monitor or Board member to ensure the privacy and consent of all parties; this is a privilege, not a right, and is not always possible either due to the density of an event or their other duties.  
    • As a flashlight in an emergency

    • Play and Sex Guidelines — Threshold offers different types of parties, with different rules. Please double check with a Dungeon Monitor or the party host for approval if you are planning a scene that could be messy or is edge play.
      • At some parties, genital to genital and mouth to genital contact is not allowed, though touching, and insertable toys are permitted. (For the purposes of these rules, Threshold is including the anus and space between it & the genitals when saying “genitals”)
      • At Taboo, The Theme Party, and some hosted events, genital and mouth to genital contact is permitted. If you are planning any kind of sexual play or penetration using toys, please double check with a DM in advance to confirm what the rules are for that specific party; if a party requires masks at all times, mouth to genital contact is prohibited. 
      • Barrier protection is highly recommended and must be disposed of after use. STIs have not gone away; please be responsible & mitigate your risk. Condoms should be used for all toys, and latex condoms are available in each room, but should you need other items for your scene, please bring them with you. Drop cloths are required when appropriate.
      • Water Sports are permitted, but limited to the smaller theme rooms, and you must bring your own inflatable kiddie pool, plastic drop cloth, rags, and towels. You are responsible for cleaning up the room completely after your scene when finished, and dispose of all materials in the dumpster out front. The Club will provide some cleaning supplies (bleach, disinfectant, MadaCide, mop and bucket), but you are responsible for anything else you might need. 
      • Solo masturbation by a voyeur outside of an established scene is expressly prohibited. It is intrusive, extremely disrespectful, and non-consensual. Likewise, all scenes must have at least 2 participants: you cannot walk down the halls flogging yourself or suspend yourself without a spotter; the DM, party host, and board member actively on duty may not  spot you either. Testing out an implement or a simple rope tie is permitted, but anything more involved must have 2 participants. 
      • Never leave a person who is in bondage or restraints unattended; the DM cannot watch them for you. If you are using a lock, the key must be visible and available to both the Top and any Dungeon Monitor.
      • Erotic asphyxiation or “Breath Play” (strangulation, choking, etc.) is not allowed. Even though problems are rare, when they occur they are often severe. The use of gags is allowed with the approval of a Dungeon Monitor. If you see anyone doing any kind of breath play, please let the Dungeon Monitor know.
      • Consistent and constant striking of the spine, kidney areas, neck, head and joints is not allowed.
      • Fire play is allowed per the discretion of the Dungeon Monitor. Permission to do fire play may be denied if the dungeon is crowded. The receiving partner must be in a horizontal position only. We ask that alcohol (70%) with no colorants be used, and wet cloths must be in evidence. Fire flogging and fire whipping is prohibited. Know where the fire extinguishers are and be prepared to deal with an emergency: the fire extinguishers are in the main room, the jail cell, and in the kitchen.
      • Wax play is allowed per the discretion of the Dungeon Monitor. Pre-drape all furniture and the floor with drop cloths to catch all the wax drippings. You are responsible for clean-up.
      • If you are doing any type of play piercing, you must bring your own proper sharps container for used needles and take them with you when you leave. All bleeding must be contained by plastic drop cloths. 
    • If you are doing a consensual “non-consent” scene (interrogation, abduction, etc.) please notify and discuss it with a Dungeon Monitor beforehand. 
    • The Club safeword is “Red”
    • The Dungeon Monitors and Party Host have the final word regarding all actions and activities in the play space.
    • DMs (Dungeon Monitors) are there to make sure parties are safe and to help make sure your scenes go smoothly. If they ask you to do something, please comply immediately. If you are made uncomfortable by someone’s behavior or see something that violates our rules or that you feel might be dangerous, please take it to a DM. Dungeon Monitors can’t help if they don’t know that there’s a problem. You can identify them by the leather sash and light-up wristbands they wear. Board Members and Party Hosts also function as DMs. 

    In the rare case of an emergency (loss of electricity, earthquake, fire), first and foremost, STOP PLAYING and RELEASE THE BOTTOM from any restraints. Make sure you both have ADEQUATE COVERING to be outside. If you have one, please TURN ON YOUR FLASHLIGHT. LISTEN FOR INSTRUCTIONS. Tops should always stay with their bottoms during an emergency and are responsible for their safety, especially in an urgent situation. WALK, DO NOT RUN.

    In the case of emergency, the Dungeon Monitors assume full control of the play space and party attendees. Please pay attention to what they tell you. Failure to respond to the Dungeon Monitors at any time can not only place you or others in danger, but might also be cause for termination of your membership. 

    If a Dungeon Monitor ends a scene, there is no discussion; please abide by their decision at the time. If you disagree, you are encouraged to contact the Board later, but please don’t argue the point then and there or you will be asked to leave the event.

    Intoxication – Recreational and illicit drug use is never permitted inside Threshold. Alcohol, as well as cannabis, are not allowed in our club; you cannot give full embodied consent while under the influence. Attendees will be denied entrance if they appear obviously intoxicated. If a person appears to become so after entering, they will be asked to not engage in play activities at minimum, or be asked to leave altogether, at the Dungeon Monitor’s discretion. If you see any intoxicant use, please inform the Dungeon Monitor or Staff.

    Party Rules and Etiquette – Your fellow kinksters are sharing a very private intimate part of who they are with you when they play at a party. To that end, we ask that you respect your peers by observing the following:

    • Don’t walk through or interrupt scenes, including aftercare. 
      • Do not heckle at or talk loudly around scenes in progress. 
      • Do not enter themed rooms with scenes in progress.
      • Do not attempt to participate in scenes unless explicitly invited to do so.
      • Do not touch or use other peoples’ toys without permission: it is disrespectful and many toys are fragile, fluid-bonded, expensive or hold great sentimental value.
    • Threshold is a non-smoking facility; smoking & vaping is allowed only fully outside in the parking lot, all the way out of the patio area through both doors.
    • Full nudity is not allowed in the Kitchen or on the Patio. (For sanitary reasons in the kitchen, and because if both doors are open on the patio you could be seen)
    • Glass containers are not allowed anywhere outside of the Kitchen or Patio. 
      • Exceptions: Jars for fire & blood cupping, pyrex toys, pillar candles, and violet wand electrodes.
    • If others are waiting, limit your play on our furniture to about an hour so everyone has a chance to play. Check-in with a DM by using the sign-up sheets before playing in the smaller theme rooms, and for the hardpoints in the Main Room.
    • Cleaning up after play is a vital requirement. Paper towels and Bioesque for cleaning the furniture is provided.
    • We ask that you please do not do any kind of play in the parking lot. Please do not before, during, or after a party have sex or masturbate in your car, do drugs or drink in your car, practice your single tail whip skills, take your human pet out on a leash to pee on someone’s tires, or set up an obstacle course for your partially naked submissive to jump through. Do not make us add to this list, because they have all  happened. 

    • No Commercial Solicitation – Soliciting for pay for play on the premises is not allowed; arranging the exchange of money in Threshold for any sort of service is not allowed. If you wish to make that sort of arrangement, do so prior to arriving. Exchange of phone numbers & business cards for meeting at a later date, or meeting before an event  is permissible.  
      • That said, the purchase of toys and equipment from approved vendors is permitted, as well as tipping authorized bootblacks, presenters, and interpreters.