Party Etiquette
Members and guests acknowledge they may be exposed to nudity and/or sexuality when they enter our facility.  Please understand that this is a BDSM/ Kink organization – at parties you may be exposed to clothing, language and activities that may trigger a strong emotional response.  Proceed with caution if you are likely to be triggered. 

Theme rooms are for intimate or private play. Give those playing the physical and mental room to enact their scene, or move on to another location. Doors to the theme rooms are to be kept completely open during the entire duration of Threshold events.

Your fellow members and guests are sharing a very private and intimate part of who they are with you when they play at a party. To that end, we ask that you give everyone the respect they deserve. Our party goers are invited to watch scenes from a respectful distance, so long as they do not interrupt the scene.


  • Heckling of scenes is not allowed.
  • No loud talking in the main rooms or play rooms, Please go to the kitchen, foyer, or patio.
  • Whisper or hold your conversation when you are near an area where play is going on.
  • Irrelevant or loud talking can disrupt and ruin even the most intense play.
  • Please socialize AWAY from play in progress.
  • Be respectful of others.

Theme Rooms:

  • Use the sign-up sheets located near the doors of play rooms. ask the DM to sign you in properly.
  • Some rooms are split to allow for two scenes simultaneously, Give those playing the physical and mental room to enact their scene.
  • Keep your personal toys nearby. you don’t want to intermingle your toys with some else’s.
  • Please do not walk through or interrupt scenes in any way.
  • Scenes that disrupt or interrupt other scenes are prohibited.
  • Do not participate in a scene unless invited.
  • Interruption of scenes is not permitted, except in clearly demonstrable and imminent emergencies (DMs exempt).
  • Do not enter or lean into a room.
  • You may observe this play by standing outside the door in a silent unobtrusive manner.
  • Do not block the hallway.
  • Do not get so close to a scene in progress that the concentration and enjoyment of the people involved is broken by you. watch, but keep a respectful distance.
  • Please limit your observation time so that it does not intrude into the scene by staring intently or by making your presence intrusive. 
  • Remember that cleanliness is a virtue. Please clean your stations before and after play.


  • Keep in mind that you are helping to create the setting for everyone’s play, including your own.
  • Dress as an extension of what kind of play you want to engage in, i.e Role-playing, Leather, Latex.
  • Please and try to avoid khaki shorts, birkenstocks and a dirty wife-beater T-shirt, unless that is your kink.
  • When in doubt, wear black.

Questions/ Concerns:

  • Any concern you may have regarding a scene is to be taken to a Dungeon Monitor or Board Member.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions of DM’s and Board Members.